INA Rolamentos cilíndricos FAQS

QWhat is the role of bearings?

ABearing is a machine element that have constrained relative motions and used to reduces friction between moving parts of machine to obtain desired motion or we can say that the machine elements which are support the rotating parts of a machine and reduce friction are called bearings.

QWhat is a sealed roller bearing?

AA sealed deep groove ball bearing. A rolling-element bearing, also known as a rolling bearing, is a bearing which carries a load by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between two bearing rings called races.

QWhat is a sealed ball bearing?

AThe sealed ball bearing is one which is completely sealed with lubricant inside. It prevents the flow of other lubricants into the rolling element area and also prevents the lubricant inside i.e. grease from getting out of the rolling element area.

QHow to Tell the Difference Sealed or Shielded Bearings?

AA bearing without a purge path does not mean it is sealed. The manufacturer may have designed the bearing to purge through the fill path. For this to be accomplished, you must grease the bearing and then remove the grease fitting to allow excess grease to purge back through the fitting.