Rolamentos axiais de rolos cônicos

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Thrust Tapered Roller Bearings Consists of one thrust tapered race, one flat race, rollers and cage. Most sizes utilize pin-type cages with hardened pins through the center of the rollers, allowing closer roller spacing to maximize load capacity. Smaller sizes have brass cages designed for unidirectional retention of rollers.


 Tapered Roller Bearings are used in some of the most critical applications known to industry. They address operating conditions with both radial and axial loads. The degree of safety demanded in the transportation industry surpasses all other standards. The importance of having the bearings perform is imperative to the safety of others.


SKF BFSB 350565 Rolamentos axiais

36,1 mm 7212 A
58,9 kN 22 mm

SKF 351195 Rolamentos axiais de rolos cilíndricos

1,5 Kg 2 mm
NKE 2 mm

SKF K-T 1120 Conjuntos de rolamentos personalizados

2,5 mm 49,7 mm
7,15 mm 120,65

SKF BFSB 353316/HA7 Rolamentos aparafusados

41,275 4012802057911
28,575 31,75

SKF 351153 Rolamentos axiais de rolos cônicos

GE 006 ES 10 mm
4 mm 6 mm

SKF K-T 921 Rolamentos axiais

18,3 mm 21 mm
21 21 mm

SKF K-T 911 Conjuntos de pressão do rolo e da gaiola da agulha

74 AU0814-1LLX/L260
38 mm 36 mm

SKF 351148 B Rolamentos axiais de rolos cilíndricos

174,5 mm / Tolerance 1,81 kg / Weight
25 ° / Angle 1,5 mm

SKF K-T 811 Conjuntos de rolamentos personalizados

140 140 mm
ISO 190 mm

SKF 353022 Rolamentos aparafusados

ISO 40 mm
120 40 mm

SKF K-T 611 Rolamentos axiais de rolos cônicos

S7207B 35 mm
30,3 kN ZEN